District Loans: Borrow from DCLS Collection

As a District Library Center, DCLS aims to make it as efficient as possible for libraries in our district to self-serve borrow from the DCLS collection.

Library Accounts

Each library in the district has a patron account with a barcode and PIN.
If a district library has problems with their account they should contact Shane Osman

Privileges for District Libraries
There are three borrower types for district libraries:

  •  distccls for libraries in Cumberland County
  •  distper for libraries in Perry County
  •  distdaco for Hershey and Middletown (the other public libraries in Dauphin County)

This borrower type does not accrue regular overdue fines, but fees for lost materials may be charged.

District libraries may borrow any circulating item that can be requested from the catalog.
Encore will automatically reflect the correct due date for items loaned to district libraries:

ALL entertainment blu-rays and DVDs have a loan period of 14 days with five 7 day renewals. Nonfiction blu-rays and DVDS and all other materials have a loan period of 28 days, with five 21 day renewals.   All renewals are contingent on no holds on the items.

Dealing with Overdue or Lost Items:
Libraries should manage their own borrower accounts online to maintain an accurate listing of what is currently checked out to them. Libraries in the district receive email notification when items are overdue.

How to Place a Request from DCLS:
Step 1: Go to the DCLS online catalog at dcls.org and search for the item you would like to borrow.

Step 2: When you find it, click on the Request It icon

Step 3: Enter your library’s barcode and PIN number.

Step 4: Select a pick-up location from the drop down menu.

  • If a copy is available, Checked In, please select that location as your pick-up location.
  • If an item is Checked In at multiple locations, select any location that owns a copy that is Checked In; there is no preference of order.
  • If all copies of an item are currently Checked Out, select any location that owns a copy; there is no preference of order.
  • When in doubt, pick East Shore Area Library

Note: Regardless of which library you select in this step, the item is identified as a district loan by staff when it is pulled from the shelves. It should be shipped via district delivery directly to your library.

How to Renew Materials borrowed from DCLS:
Use the My Account tab of the online catalog to log in to view the materials charged to your library’s account. You should select the boxes in front of items that you would like to renew and click on the button to renew selected. The new due date will display if the renewal was successful.

Understanding What Happens at DCLS:

  • Branches print their pull lists each day and check the shelves to see if their library can fill the request.
  • DCLS staff notice that the patron name is the name of a district library and will check the item out to the library barcode, note the date due, and prepare the item to be sent directly to the requesting library using a delivery slip.