How DCLS ILL Responds to Libraries

ILL contacts the requesting library with questions about your request if necessary.

If ILL determines that DCLS does own the item, even if it is checked out, they will place a hold on the item for your library.

If ILL finds out or is informed that the item is not available from DCLS, Access PA, or OCLC ILL, June will notify the library using the email on their account. She also cancels the request.

ILL Processing: When your Item Arrives at DCLS

Step 1: The requested item is received at DCLS ILL from a lending library by IDS/UPS The Interlibrary Delivery Service (IDS) of Pennsylvania’s purpose is to provide a cost effective efficient delivery service linking all types of libraries to support timely resource sharing throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. or U.S. Mail.

Step 2: When the requested item is received, ILL attaches a pink ILL strap to the item. The strap contains the following information typically found on paperwork sent with the item:

  • Borrowing library/branch abbreviation
  • Borrowing patron’s last name (*for DCLS patrons only.)
  • ACC Number (for Access PA loans) OR the OCLC Number (for OCLC loans)
  • Date that the item is due back to DCLS ILL
  • Any special handling notes (i.e. in library use, poor condition, no renewals)

Step 3: Processing for Lending

For district libraries:

  1. DCLS ILL checks the item out to the district library account, updating the due date to match the pink strap. This is the date that the patron should return the item to your library.
  2. Item is put in delivery area. Libraries receive the item and follow local procedures to inform the patron that the item is available and lend it to them.

For DCLS Libraries:

  1. A hold is placed in the patron’s name.
  2. Then it is put on delivery or brought upstairs at ESA.

Step 4: What to do when an ILL is returned

  1. Discharge (check in) the item from your local system.
  2. Send it via delivery back to ILL.
  3. ILL removes the item from the district record.
  4. ILL ships it back to original lending library.