How to be a Borrower: Submitting Requests

When to Submit a Request to DCLS ILL

When a patron asks to borrow an item that is not owned by your library, the patron or staff fills out an ILL request form.

Step 1: Library staff verifies information about the requested item and then checks in their own catalog or system catalog to make sure it is not locally owned. If it is locally owned, direct the patron to that copy or place a hold on it for them. If not locally owned, proceed.

Step 2: Library staff should also choose to look in the catalogs of the other larger systems in the district. DCLS staff should check CCLS catalog and HER. CCLS Libraries should check at least the DCLS catalog, but may check others including Hershey/MDT or Newport if they wish. Perry County Libraries should check CCLS and DCLS.

  1. District Loans: If it is owned by a library in your system you can put the item on hold for the patron. If it is owned by another library in the district, you should put it on hold for your library with your branch or library barcode and PIN number. Local procedures should apply for in-district interlibrary loans. The procedure differs for each library. Be aware: some libraries may call or fax a district loan request.

Step 3: If the item is not available in the district, send the request to DCLS ILL as indicated below. DCLS will confirm it is not available locally then will check Access PA and OCLC Worldcat and attempt to obtain the item.

How to Submit an ILL Request to DCLS ILL

To submit a request, login

All ILL requests to DCLS must include the following information:

  1. Requesting Library Name and contact staff name (in case there are questions)
  2. Requesting Patron Name
  3. Last 4 digits of Patron Barcode number.
  4. Last Date Useful: Date needed by

For a Book, A/V Item, Entire Work:

  1. Title
  2. Author or editor of work
  3. ISBN if possible
  4. Year / edition if specific is needed / specific volume
  5. (If the book doesn’t circulate, relevant sections that could be copied)

Request for Article or Photocopy:

  1. Periodical title
  2. Date of article / volume / issue
  3. ISSN if possible
  4. Title of article (or subject if title not available)
  5. Author(s) of article
  6. Paging of article
  7. If there is a cost, max cost patron is willing to pay (rare)