How to be a lender

For DCLS staff: All DCLS lending through both Access PA and OCLC ILL is handled by June Weaver. You will be contacted if an item from your branch is needed. June counts all of the items lent for you and returns them to the branch when returned to ILL.

For District Libraries Other than DCLS: You are responsible for responding to ACCESS PA requests for your library to lend or renew items. It is important to check for requests and renewals frequently so that requests you cannot fill are quickly forwarded to the next lending library for efficient service to patrons. You can use the procedure detailed below or find more advanced instructions on the Access PA website.

  1. Each day, or for smaller libraries whenever you receive an email notification, you should log in to Access PA’s VDX System with your own login code and password.
  2. With the Responder Only radio button marked 1, highlight Request Status In Process 2 and press the submit button 3 to display the Responder Results list.
  3. If there are Responder Results, you should check your catalog and check your shelf for the requested items. You must submit an Action on each request.
    1. If the item is available and you want to lend it to the library:
      • Step 1: With the item ready to loan, go into Responder Result record and click the Action button
      • Step 2: On the screen that follows, select Shipped and click the Submit button
        When you answer shipped, an Access PA record is created for the ILL.
      • Step 3: From the Responder Results page, print out the ILL Request information form to where it will go. Send the item to ILL via delivery with a routing slip with the paperwork attached or inside the item.
      • Step 4: At this time, you should follow your local library procedures for recording the loaned item (i.e. some libraries check out the item to the borrowing library and count this as an ILL request filled.)
      • Step 5: When the item arrives at DCLS ILL, staff will package and ship the item to the requesting library for you using IDS or U.S. Mail. Note: As lender, you remain responsible for all items overdue or lost. It is your responsibility to contact the library for past due materials or to respond to their requests for renewal.
      • Step 6: When the item is returned to your library (after the ILL patron has used it), you must go back into the record for that item using the request number. As a responder, click on action button, and click on check in, click submit.
    2. If you do not have the item or do not want to lend it:
      • Step 1: Go into Responder Result record and click the Action button:
      • Step 2: On the screen that follows, select Answer Nonsupply and click the Submit button:
      • Step 3: On the next screen, use the drop down box to indicate the reason why you cannot supply. Then submit. Sample reasons for nonsupplying include: too new, checked out, non-circulating, etc.

As a responder, you should also check renewals every day or when notified by email. Answer renewals in a similar fashion to the above directions by using the Action button and making your selection. You can always choose to extend the date or not and give a reason for non-renewal or not.

VDX Codes

Library Code
AME pamsg
BOS pbofl
EPB peapl
FRE pcljf
JGR pjogp
NCU pnecp
SIM pmeap
SHP pshpp
DCLS pdccl
HER phepl
BLM pbdpl
CLWP pcolo
MVL pmvpl
NWP pnppl