STEM MakerKits

A variety of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) MakerKits are available for lending to the district member libraries, and a complete list is available here: 2017.stem.maker.kit.items.list.updated.  Links to websites for reference on what these items are also included.

The below Google calendar provides information on what dates are available for the lending of STEM MakerKits, as well as what is currently checked out by a library (please highlight on an appointment to see further details).

Please note that STEM Kit requests will not be responded to or sent on the following dates, as the District Consultant will be out of the office:

  • Monday, October 30 through Sunday, November 5
  • Monday, November 6 through Thursday, November 9
  • Monday, December 25 through Monday, January 1

After you have viewed the calendar, please determine what MakerKit(s) you are interested in, as well as the time-frame the kits are needed.  Within your time-frame, please allow 3 days delivery time to your library location, and complete this form with your desired list.

The calendar will be updated to reflect availability, and the kits will be sent to your library location via delivery.  A due date of the items will be provided to you; please be aware of the due date of the MakerKit items, as they may be requested by another library location.

Please contact your District Consultant if you have any questions about requesting or using the STEM MakerKits available.  Also, please contact your District Consultant If you are interested in learning about any of the MakerKits available at a future staff meeting.

Additional STEM Resources: