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Covid-19 Guidance

To view guidance for public libraries regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, please visit our resources page:

Learning Objectives

Learning Express Library and Job Hunting Resources (3 hr)

  • Explain to others how to navigate and use LearningExpress Library
  • Construct a summary of content in different sections of the resource
  • Devise a list of "non-obvious" uses for the resource
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the resource
  • Demonstrate use of additional job search and workforce development resources

Genealogy Crash Course (3 hr)

  • Differentiate between different record types commonly used as family history sources
  • Identify common challenges to genealogy research
  • Compare databases freely available to library users
  • Explain how to get a member started in their genealogy research

Libby & OverDrive (1.5 or 3 hr)

  • Recognize the steps to installing and using the OverDrive app
  • Compare OverDrive and Libby apps
  • Identify common issues with the apps and employ use of the troubleshooting website
  • Operate OverDrive and/or Libby on a variety of devices from installation to use

Empathy-Driven Customer Service (4 hr)

  • Demonstrate awareness of patron perspectives and emotions in interactions
  • Explain how understanding and use of empathy throughout an interaction contributes to a better experience for patrons and staff
  • Identify needs by analyzing the question in context
  • Utilize self-care techniques to stay fresh and ready to treat every patron like they're the first of the day
  • Formulate a personal customer service strategy to keep on hand during daily interactions

Intro to Gale Resources (30 min)

  • Compare content in various popular Gale databases offered through PowerLibrary
  • Identify which database would be most useful in various scenarios

Gale "Escape Room" (50 min)

  • Use a variety of databases to find answers to difficult questions
  • Experiment with search strategies and database features
  • Demonstrate effective communication and teamwork while solving puzzles

Let's Talk Books: Mini Reader's Advisory (45 min)

  • Differentiate between different texts, genres, and styles
  • Demonstrate a short book talk that utilizes appeal factors to describe the "feel" of the book, not just the plot
  • Formulate a short suggestion list for a partner using Reader's Advisory resources

eReader Petting Zoo/Which App Do I Use?

  • Differentiate between available eContent apps to determine which will best fit a need
  • Gain hands-on experience using apps on various devices

Teambuilding Exercises

  • Through games and exercises, help your team build trust, communication skills, flexible thinking, and more. Goals and activities are closely tailored to individual groups.