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In 2020, we are introducing a new way to learn! Covering the desk so individuals can attend training can be difficult, so we're introducing supplementary online classes. With LibraryU, take courses at your own pace, track achievements, and build community with others around the district. Watch here for more announcements as they're ready.

Until then, keep learning with Webjunction! Presented by OCLC, Webjunction is "the learning place for libraries." Build knowledge, skills, and confidence through entirely free self-paced courses, webinars, and idea-sharing blog posts.

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Online Webinars

Plenty of online learning opportunities are available outside of our district. Below is a link to a sortable spreadsheet of webinars from various organizations.

The Capital Area Library District also has a subscription to Ryan Dowd's online "Librarian's Guide to Homelessness" Training. If you would like access for yourself for a staff member, email Kerri or Brianna to request an invitation. 

This summer, the Office of Commonwealth Libraries is hosting virtual trainings on a number of important topics. Find more information about these sessions and how to register here. 

Featured Webinars

Every month, we'll feature new webinars for you to check out here.

#OwnVoices for All Readers: Incorporating EDI Values into Readers' Advisory Service

Providing robust readers’ advisory service that values equity, diversity and inclusion principles is essential to all library service. Join Readers’ Advisory specialist Becky Spratford as she provides the information you need to diversify your suggestions, identify resources, and include more staff input in order to confidently promote and place more #OwnVoices titles into adult patrons’ hands. You’ll come away with an understanding for how easy it to incorporate EDI values into your normal RA practices. All you need is a little nudge in the right direction.

Public and School Libraries: Creative Ways to Build Successful Partnerships

Public and school libraries are driven by a similar goal—to help community members gain new knowledge, skills, and confidence to pursue their lives fully. Unfortunately, these libraries often lack the resources to fulfill that goal. There is a powerful opportunity for public and school libraries to collaborate to overcome many of the resource gaps they encounter when seeking to meet community needs. Join this webinar to explore how public and school libraries can initiate collaborative relationships and the types of programming that can benefit from these partnerships. Learn how to market or publicize your services to teachers and school librarians, and identify the best times of year to communicate with local schools. And part of the session will be spent discussing how public and school libraries can work together to address the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, including summer reading program planning.
Bonus Resource: Public Library and School Library Collaboration Toolkit from ALSC

Covid-19: How to Cope with Ongoing Isolation

Join Brigham Young University psychology and neuroscience professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad as she shares her insight into how social distancing practices are affecting our minds, why relationships are important, and helpful habits we can implement to cope. Professor Holt-Lunstad has been researching the long-term health effects of social connection for over a decade, and she currently serves as a scientific advisor for the Australian Coalition to End Loneliness and the Foundation for Art & Healing. Come ready to learn about:

  • Isolation vs. Loneliness
  • Benefits of positive relationships
  • Signs of loneliness within ourselves
  • Strategies for maintaining positive mental health

Cultivating Protective Factors for Safe Libraries and Resilient Communities

Every day, public libraries open their doors to people facing ongoing life challenges, such as poverty, mental health symptoms, substance abuse, or domestic violence. The library may be the only protective place they can turn to, the only place that can counter the debilitating negative factors that govern their lives. Join this webinar to explore the ways the library functions as a "protective factor" and to understand how the library, staff, and patrons exist within a community-wide context of safety. With consideration for how poverty, race, or other often stigmatized challenges impact the patron experience, learn practical and applicable ways to assess your library’s relationship with patrons, local law enforcement, social workers, and other organizations. Hear how the Sacramento Public Library learned through crisis to address staff and community trauma and to build resilience through more compassionate and inclusive policies and practices.

Webinar Websites

Below is a list of websites that regularly offer webinars or have an archive of recorded webinars:

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Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion



Collection Management

Youth Services


Training, Education, & Human Resources