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In 2020, we are introducing a new way to learn! Covering the desk so individuals can attend training can be difficult, so we're introducing supplementary online classes. With LibraryU, take courses at your own pace, track achievements, and build community with others around the district. Watch here for more announcements as they're ready.

Until then, keep learning with Webjunction! Presented by OCLC, Webjunction is "the learning place for libraries." Build knowledge, skills, and confidence through entirely free self-paced courses, webinars, and idea-sharing blog posts.

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Online Webinars

Plenty of online learning opportunities are available outside of our district. Below is a link to a sortable spreadsheet of webinars from various organizations.

The Capital Area Library District also has a subscription to Ryan Dowd's online "Librarian's Guide to Homelessness" Training. If you would like access for yourself for a staff member, email Kerri or Brianna to request an invitation. 

This summer, the Office of Commonwealth Libraries is hosting virtual trainings on a number of important topics. Find more information about these sessions and how to register here. 

Featured Webinars

Every month, we'll feature new webinars for you to check out here.

The Public Library's Role during Elections: Voter Education in the Age of Misinformation

This presentation equips librarians to gather user-friendly information from reliable and nonpartisan sources, allowing libraries to offer an invaluable, evolving resource tailor-made for their communities. By exploring resources—everything from a glossary of common terms used during elections to campaign finance information—this on-demand webinar helps librarians gather the most useful information in addressing their community's needs. With a focus on citizenship and voting, librarians will learn to serve their diverse populations in a nonthreatening and nonpartisan way.

Leading with Compassion during the COVID-19 Crisis

Leading is hard. Global pandemics are harder still. Leading during a global pandemic is not only hard, but it is also traumatic, upending, and confusing with competing priorities, community needs, personal values, and more. Let’s spend time learning together. Library leaders will join us to discuss how they are leading with compassion. Learn how they are making decisions, what is influencing them, and the challenges they have experienced along the way.

When Antiracist Reading Lists Aren't Enough

Has your library created a reading list in support of racial justice? Great! Do you want to do more? Even better. Nicole Cooke will show us concrete steps to engage in critical self-reflection, to develop critical consciousness, and to focus on action and advocacy. She will share her thoughts and strategies on how to progress along this path towards substantive and sustainable personal change that will in turn change society.

Prioritizing Accessibility and Disability Inclusion at Your Library (Resource)

Putting a focus on accessibility helps create a library that can be enjoyed by more people and can connect more people to the information and resources they need. Opportunities to make libraries more accessible can include decisions about your collections, offering technology that improves the patron experience, designing or improving a physical building, and managing the library's online presence to be accessible and inclusive. With such a broad scope, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenge and some are afraid that they might not get everything right. However, even small changes make a difference, so it is important to get started. Don’t wait for someone to ask for these changes, create the space and opportunity for everyone. Here are a few ideas to help you begin or take further steps.

Webinar Websites

Below is a list of websites that regularly offer webinars or have an archive of recorded webinars:

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Collection Management

Youth Services


Training, Education, & Human Resources