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Users of Inter-Library Loan and District Resource Sharing service agree to the statements below when they submit a request:

  • I have a valid public library card registered in Cumberland, Dauphin, or Perry county; I believe my account is in good standing.
  • I agree to follow the policies of my library, including picking up the item promptly and returning it according to library rules. I am aware that fines for late items can be up to $2/day and that lost Interlibrary Loan items can cost up to $250.
  • I want the library to contact me about this request. I have provided current contact information. If I use email, I trust the library to protect my information and will provide an email address because it is currently the least expensive way for the library to contact me when the item I need is ready for me to pick up. If I do not use email, I will enter a phone number and you can call me and leave a message. If I do not have an email address or a phone, I will enter: See Library Account. This means that library staff processing the request will reference my library card number and will use information provided in that record to contact me.
  • I am requesting this item for a reason; I believe it is valuable for the library to spend time to fill this request for me. I believe that I will use the item the library is getting for me.
  • I realize that the library incurs shipping and staff time costs for acquiring the items; if I can afford it, I’ll consider making a donation to my library.
  • If there will be a special fee or charge to acquire this item on my behalf, the library will contact me.
  • I will not request items that are brand new (published within the most recent 6 months.) I will not request complete issues of magazines, video games, software, microfiche, extremely rare or fragile items, genealogy or Reference books through this form.
  • I understand that the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.
  • If I want to suggest that the library should purchase something to add to the collection, I’ll use the district library center’s Suggest a Book request form.

Libraries Respond to Requests received via this form with the following principles of service:

  • The library provides District Resource Sharing and InterLibrary Loan service to supplement locally owned collections to meet community need for information, education, and recreational literacy.
  • The library will use its network of cooperative libraries to try to get the item you have requested in the most effective way available to us.
  • The library will contact you when the item is available, or if they are unable to provide the item through our network.
  • The library cannot rush requests that are submitted through this form. The speed at which your request is filled is based on item availability in our cooperative network and ranges from 1 day to over 10 weeks or more, and at times libraries are unable to fill the request effectively with available resources.
  • The library will protect the privacy of your information.
  • The library reserves the right to limit the use of this service at its discretion, generally not serving more than 60 requests/year/customer that must be obtained through InterLibrary Loan.